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Johnny Depp Quotes Johnny Depp Quotes
funny quotes20 mins ago

Johnny Depp Quotes from the Man Who Played Your Favorite Pirate

He’s played a number of your favorite movie characters over the years. Take a look at these Johnny Depp quotes....

Ways to Be Thankful Ways to Be Thankful
inspirational quotes3 days ago

15 Ways to Be Thankful

15 Ways to Be Thankful When most of us think of Thanksgiving and the holidays, the word grateful comes to...

Of Mice and Men Quotes Of Mice and Men Quotes
inspirational quotes3 days ago

Of Mice and Men Quotes to Motivate You to Keep Going

These Of Mice and Men quotes will motivate you to keep working toward your goal and to seek the assistance...

Disorganized Quotes Disorganized Quotes
blog3 days ago

Disorganized Inspirational Quotes & Sayings

You’ll find inspiration in these disorganized quotes. Unable to effectively plan one’s actions due to disorganization, disorganized planning, and lack...

blog4 days ago

Here are 50 Jordan Peterson Quotes for Self-Improvement

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He is the...

Elizabeth Warren Quotes Elizabeth Warren Quotes
inspirational quotes6 days ago

Elizabeth Warren Quotes About Politics, Capitalism, and More

Elizabeth Warren is a law professor turned presidential candidate in 2020 who is committed to transforming the American economy. Explore...

1984 Quotes 1984 Quotes
inspirational quotes6 days ago

These 1984 Quotes Will Change Your Perspective On The World

Despite the fact that this classic dystopian novel focuses on the dark side, these 1984 quotes will brighten your day....

inspirational quotes1 week ago

Money Quotes Honoring Financial Knowledge and Freedom

This collection of “money quotes” will motivate you to make good use of your financial resources. Money is a valuable...

animal farm quotes animal farm quotes
inspirational quotes1 week ago

Animal Farm Quotes to Teach You the Dangers of Excessive Power

These Animal Farm quotes will remind you to always question your privilege and consider the consequences of using power to...

Wealth Quotes Wealth Quotes
inspirational quotes1 week ago

Wealth Quotes Highlighting Both Sides of Money

We tend to think of wealth as good, but as these wealth quotes demonstrate, every story has two sides. Growing...